22 November 2011

You've Heard of Naked Self-Interest? Well, Here are Instances of Naked Solidarity

Self Portrait © Aliaa Magda al-Mahdy

This is an image Aliaa Magda al-Mahdy, a young Egyptian woman living in Cairo, recently posted on her blog. You can find a report here at The New York Times and another here at The Guardian. Unsurprisingly, she has received scant support from any end of the political spectrum in Egypt. Conservatives are pressing charges, liberals are running away fast and far. But she has received solidarity from this group of Israeli women.

Israeli women posing for a photograph in Tel Aviv, to show
solidarity with Egyptian blogger Aliaa Magda Elmahdy.
Photograph © REUTERS/Anat Cohen.

And this, apparently is simply one instance of a virtual epidemic of such bare solidarity. In China, authorities have accused Zhao Zhao, an assistant to artist Ai Weiwei, of possessing pornography because he had pictures on his camera of Ai naked with several women. And today, his friends and supporters stripped in support of the artist. You can find reports here and here in The Guardian. And here are, respectively, the offending photo and a sample of the the subsequent expressions of solidarity.

The Chinese artist Ai Weiwei poses with nude women in Beijing.
Photograph © Afp/AFP/Getty Images.

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Blogger Lon W. said...

Freedom of expression is precious. Hope that the Egyptian people have freedom of access to writings about the beauty of democracy; written and independently verifiable discussions about the strengths and inherent abuses of precious freedoms. Do hope Aliaa al-Mahdy is not hurt and she receives a fair, impartial, public examination of her art.

23 December, 2011 06:03  

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