15 December 2011

Obama Shelves the Rule of Law

U.S. President Barack Obama makes a statement from the
briefing room of the White House in Washington on
December 5, 2011.
Photograph © 2011 Reuters.

This is an image from 10 days ago. In the intervening period Obama stepped back from a rare moment of impersonating an individual with political backbone. He has decided to sign the Defense Authorization Act and, with it, sign away the rule of law in the U.S.; not a bad turn around. Here is a statement on this from Human Rights Watch - initially set up to monitor bad behavior of the communists during the cold war. HRW is too polite by at least half.

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Blogger Beth E. said...

So did he just suck at being a constitutional law professor, or what?

As Lily Tomlin once aptly put it, "I try to be cynical, but I have a hard time keeping up!"

16 December, 2011 09:39  
Blogger Jim Johnson said...

Teaching Con Law seems to not be a terribly high threshold. Remember, John Yoo is a con law prof. at Berkeley. In my view, unfortunately, a lawyer is a lawyer - and the job is to fabricate some argument - ANY argument - that gets you what you want.

16 December, 2011 09:45  

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