24 December 2011

Merry Christmas

Well, it is Christmas Eve. Douglas came out for dinner with his sweetheart Sam. He'll spend this evening with Sam's family and tomorrow with his mom. We had a brief skype - scattered and distracted as is usual - with August who is on the west coast with his mom. Following a trip to the Public Market this morning, Susan made a wonderful meal - roast leg of lamb (courtesy of our reliable source Rick Austin), veggies, potatoes, and lots of nibbly things before-hand. I think it was perfect. All in all a really nice way of sliding into the holidays.

In any case, Doug gave me this CD by Italian pianist Augusto Pirodda, featuring the recently deceased, very much lamented Paul Motian. The disc is really quite good. That said, it is a bit too understated and spacious for the other listeners currently at the house.

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