19 January 2012

Democracy in Peril: Hungary

Today The New York Times ran this Op-Ed by Gyorgy Konrad on the rapid, planned subversion of democracy by the governing right-wing party in Hungary. You can find an analogous essay by Konrad and a dozen other prominent politicians and intellectuals here at Open Democracy. And, in a series of guest postings at Paul Krugman's blog Conscience of a Liberal [1] [2] [3] Kim Lane Scheppele has presented detailed background to recent events. The situation is, to be blunt, dire.

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Blogger Peter Haschke said...

I have been very upset with the lack of coverage this has been getting in Europe. (It is understandable that little is being reported on this in the US). But apparently, everybody is too concerned with the Maastricht Criteria to bother. Luckily yesterday the EU finally started a number of lawsuits against Hungary. It sure helps that the place is near bankrupt and that Orban has little to no wiggle room left, even domestically. For once preconditions for IMF and EU cash can do some good.

19 January, 2012 19:21  

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