07 January 2012

Exclusion Zones

In the Exclusion Zones*
Carolyn Forché

Ash over conifers and birches, over berry tickets. Resembling snow and
its synonyms. Silvered fields of millet.

A silence approaching bees of the invisible or the scent of mint.

One need not go further than a white towel hung in an open door.

Chernobyl, Ukraine (2009) © Timm Suess.
Village cemetery, October 1998 © David McMillan.
Chernobyl, Classroom in Kindergarten #7,
"Golden Key", Pripyat - May 2001 © Robert Polidori.

I recently started to track down photographic work on post-Katrina NOLA and realized that Robert Polidori's project After the Flood apparently is very much of a piece with his somewhat earlier project Zones of Exclusion on post-nuclear-meltdown Chernobyl. And, as I searched for Polidori's images, I came across similar - extremely good - work by Timm Suess and David McMillan. (Follow links above to their pages.) All that then led me to recall Carolyn Forché' s poem. Funny how those convergences work themselves out.
* From: Carolyn Forché. Blue Hour. Harper Collins, 2003, page 18.

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Blogger Tom said...

One of my colleagues whilst at University did a project in Chernobyl which is interesting. This being a 20 year old kid who just thought it would be a good idea and bought a plane ticket out there.


08 January, 2012 06:34  

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