19 January 2012

Kodak is Kaput

There is no way that the news for Rochester is good - the news being that Kodak is bankrupt. I have lived in Rochester for two decades and have watched as the once dominant employer and manufacturer missed opportunity after chance after innovation, mostly out of short-sightedness and complacency. It is safe to say that I've not been overly sanguine about the company or the city here, mostly because I watched the same process in the town where I grew up as General Electric and its successors treated the community with disregard. The New York Times recently tried to stick this happy face on the economic situation in Rochester; but if the reporter had taken a drive along St. Paul heading north from downtown, or North Clinton or any of several other main thoroughfares, he'd have been ashamed for the mis-representation he peddled. Like most of Western NY State, the city is, as I have mentioned here before, a mess; and the surrounding county is not far behind - think crime, crushingly bad public education, concentrated poverty, and so forth. This is the miracle of private enterprise at work.

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Blogger Peter Haschke said...

The crack-head sitting on the concrete step in front of my house talking to himself for hours on end, and I wholeheartedly agree with you - as always. One doesn't even have to drive along St. Paul. A quick stroll from Eastman Quadrangle across the river and into the 9th ward should be sufficient.

19 January, 2012 11:14  

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