23 January 2012

New Book ~ Parvati Nair on Salgado

After a week visiting with Susan's family in the UK I returned to a pile of mail. By far the most pleasant item in the pile was a copy of Parvati Nair's new, insightful study of Sebastião Salgado.* To the best of my knowledge this is the first full-length examination of Salgado's monumental body of work and so is long overdue. My problem is that it is the start of term and I am going to be tempted to set aside the corresponding demands in order to leap into the book!
* Parvati Nair. 2011. A Different Light: The Photography of Sebastião Salgado. Duke University Press.

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Blogger Parvati said...

Many thanks indeed, Jim, for this post. During the years when I worked on this book, your blog was one of a handful of thoughtful writings on and around photography that kept me company throughout.

23 January, 2012 16:45  

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