20 January 2012

Prescience ~ José Saramago

I've spent this past week in Manchester (UK) with Susan visiting her family. I've spent a bunch of time reading this novel - Seeing - by Portuguese writer José Saramago (1922-2008 2010).* The novel, first published in 2004, is not easy going - it is a bit disorienting stylistically - but definitely worth plunging into. It relates the series of increasingly draconian, largely uncomprehending reactions on the part of a central government to the apparently uncoordinated statement made by the electorate in an unnamed capital city; the "subversive" action that precipitates this government campaign is decentralized, leaderless, and entirely peaceful and the "movement," such as it is, articulates no particular demands. Sound familiar?
* José Saramago. 2006. Seeing. New York: Harcourt.

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