12 February 2012

Artists for the NHS

Graphic © Ryan Gander (2012)

"This blog is about the Health and Social Care Bill which will return to the House of Lords next week. It is produced by people who aren’t medical or political specialists as there are plenty of excellent blogs and outlets out there which have that expert knowledge. We don’t. Instead, this blog is produced by artists, a curator and an arts journalist.
Many people are concerned that the Health and Social Care Bill will irrevocably change the NHS, turning a tax-funded service that is publically provided and publically accountable into a market-driven service. And those feelings of deep misgiving are shared by amongst others, the British Medical Association, the Royal College of Nurses, the Royal College of Midwives and the majority of GPs in this country. It’s also shared by us.

So over this month, this blog will feature contributions from a number of artists. And it will have bits of text that hopefully look at the Bill in a way that doesn’t involve two middle-aged blokes shouting at each other on the Today Programme about PCTs."

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