16 February 2012

House Oversight Committee Lives Up to Its Name

This image, published here by The Washington Post, but widely circulated on the internet by Planned Parenthood and Emily's List among others, shows the initial panel of witnesses called for hearings today by the House Oversight Committee as the majority members try hard to amplify religious bigotry over birth control. The Oversight Committee, controlled by the majority Republicans in the House of Representatives, didn't consider it an oversight to invite only old men from religious organizations. That says something about the Committee Republicans. But the fact that every single person here is male says something too about American religious institutions. You make the inference.

I have come across two blog posts recently that put this matter - the notion that somehow, requiring institutions owned by religions to treat women equally by arranging to provide birth control as part of insurance for employees - into some perspective. You can find them here and here. It turns out that Catholics try to draw exceedingly fine distinctions about which Church directives they must follow and which they can ignore.

P.S.: I recommend this short post by Gary Wills over at the NYRBlog too! Right on point.

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Blogger míchel said...

One person I know argued with me about this a bit, mentioning that there were women called later in the day. Ok, granted--there were two women called later in the day, women who are well-credentialed and hold high posts at universities (means something, I suppose). But one was from Oklahoma Christian University and the other from Calvin College. It's like saying, we have representation for the disenfranchised because there's an African American in the White House, and one on the bench. "Symbolic repres'n," indeed.

Rough day for women. Well, a rougher day than some, anyway.

16 February, 2012 21:06  

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