17 February 2012

PETA Follies

In the past I have repeatedly criticized PETA for their stupid advertising campaigns and for their moralistic "politics." Here is a smart essay from The Guardian on the latest PETA idiocy. This conveys the general tone of the essay:
"There is nothing wrong with using sex, shock, or footballers' balls in a marketing campaign per se. The key, however, is to maintain an optimal effectiveness/offensiveness ratio. This requires a degree of intelligence, and is thus difficult to achieve when your marketing department is populated by people with tofu for brains. . . . Honestly, Peta's ads make me so angry I could stamp on a kitten. While eating a Big Mac and wearing chinchilla."
The tone is deserved - prompted by the unsubtle reference in the current PETA ad campaign to how becoming Vegan gives boys so much sexual prowess that they inflict physical damage on their girlfriends. Stupid. Period.

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