08 March 2012

Best Shots (197) ~ Tom Craig

(224) Tom Craig - Albania, 2006 (7 March 2012).

I normally do not comment on these entries lifted from The Guardian. But I do periodically take time to point out that they do a real service by continuing this series. It not only includes are remarkable range of photographers, but prompts them to chat a bit about a single image. Often - though not always - they have something pretty interesting to say. Craig, for instance, addresses the complaint that photojournalists often parachute into locations, not know much about the history or context of the story they've been dispatched to cover. Here is his view: "I don't do any in-depth research as I want to be taken by observations, not preconceptions."



Blogger f:lux said...

Can anyone get away from preconceptions though? Here the photographer's baggage might not have anything to do with any research based understanding of the political/social/etc background of what and where he's photographing, but there's still projection of sorts in that the image has other references, like Cartier-Bressons 'Picnic on the banks of the Marne', for example.

08 March, 2012 17:21  
Blogger Walter Dufresne said...

"the story they've been dispatched to cover"

Because photographs only describe light radiated and reflected from surfaces--because photographs only describe appearances--photography is a terrible tool for the narration (and explanation) that is "the story." Editors know this and use photography for other reasons, for reasons perilously close to illustration. I'm appalled by this awful tradition of know-nothingism.

09 March, 2012 17:23  

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