13 March 2012

Doonesbury #2, Where is the Real Outrage?

As might be expected the Democrat & Chronicle, our local Gannett newspaper, has adopted the most censorious position on this week's Doonesbury strips. Pathetic. The editor at the D&C and her peers elsewhere apparently think the strips cross the bounds of 'good taste.' I think that the real outrage in all this is a bunch of right-wing zealots passing laws mandating that as pre-requisite to obtaining a legal medical procedure women must agree to be impaled by an ultrasound wand and hectored by medical personnel. Where is the D&C's outrage on that?

You can read Trudeau's views on the dust-up here. This is his bottom line:
I chose the topic of compulsory sonograms because it was in the news and because of its relevance to the broader battle over women’s health currently being waged in several states. For some reason, the GOP has chosen 2012 to re-litigate reproductive freedom, an issue that was resolved decades ago. Why [Rick] Santorum, [Rush] Limbaugh et al. thought this would be a good time to declare war on half the electorate, I cannot say. But to ignore it would have been comedy malpractice.

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