17 March 2012

Doonesbury Offensive #4-#6 ...

Three more in the Doonesbury series that the newspapers feel obliged to omit. (All three strips © Gary Trudeau.) I came across this brief interview with Trudeau at the WSJ that addresses the 'innocent kids' complaint:
"There’s always been some concern that adult subject matter should be quarantined from a page that attracts children. Unlike late at night, when South Park and Colbert are on, impressionable minds are wide awake when the newspaper arrives. But as editors well know, the vast majority of comics readers are adult. More to the point, children don’t read Doonesbury. They never have. They think it’s stupid and boring, a view shared by some of their parents. My older son ignored it his entire childhood, until one day when he was around 11, something clicked and he sat down and read 25 years of work in two weeks. I’m not sure he’s looked at it since."
Read the rest too. While Trudeau won't call the editorial decisions to pull the strip censorship, I will. If, as he suggests, the editorial types know that there is no real danger of corrupting youth, they are simply pandering to right-wingers who will howl with outrage nonetheless. This is like saying that we need voter ID cards to prevent electoral fraud even though we can point to no instances of such fraud. The right wants to impose policies and take no flack. The editors are conniving in that agenda.

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