15 April 2012

Best Shots (201) ~ Charlotte Dumas

(228) Charlotte Dumas ~ Jonker, 2002 (11 April 2012).

"The animal has secrets which, unlike the secrets of caves, mountains, seas are specifically addressed to man." ~ John Berger
I normally do not comment on this series from The Guardian except to remark about how terrific it is that the paper attends so insistently to photography and how nice it is that they coax photographers to talk, however briefly, about their work. Having said that, again, I want to comment on this image, in which the horse seems ready to pirouette away from the camera. It brought to mind Berger's essay "Why Look at Animals?" from which I've lifted the sentence above. I recently had the chance to take August to the zoo in Portland and Berger's assessment strikes home.

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