01 June 2012

Guns at the Beach?

This story from Ha'aretz popped up in my news feed. All I can say is not only in Israel. And, of course, just because men do something does not make it a good idea. You can find my views about this sort of nonsense by following the handguns label below. Carrying guns in this sort of situation disqualifies one from the presumptive judgment needed to carry a gun in the first place.

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Blogger Ken Owen said...

Back in '91 I had a difficult time hitchhiking in Israel. I think the guitar I was carrying might have had something to do with it. Yet any young bod carrying an Uzi would get a lift within minutes of sticking out his/her thumb. I was stranded in the Negev Desert for three days until a kindly soldier picked me up. We were both laughing at the deplorably subversive role of the guitar. We inhabit a topsy-turvy world.

01 June, 2012 02:55  

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