13 June 2012

Gustavo Germano ~ Ausencias (Absences)

One of my really smart former students Constanza Iribarne brought to my attention this work by Argentinian photographer Gustavo Germano. The graphic for Germano's project, I think, captures brilliantly the approach he adopts. Not only does it announce the subject - "30,000 Detained-Disappeared and killed by the military dictatorship in Argentina between 1976 and 1983" - it suggests, with the only partly missing 'i' the way los desaparecidos continue to haunt families and politics in Argentina. Germano captures absence by rephotographing families, including his own, prior to and following the disappearance of one or more loved one.

 1969: Gustavo Germano, Guillermo Germano, Diego Germano, Eduardo Germano

 2006: Gustavo Germano, Guillermo Germano, Diego Germano. 

Both images © Gustavo Germano.* To the best of my knowledge his work has been exhibited across Latin America and Europe but not in the U.S.. His eldest brother, Eduardo was 'disappeared' by the Argentinian regime in 1976. 
* See this slideshow for other images (text in German) from this series. 

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Blogger Ken Owen said...

Thanks for the heads-up on Gustavo Germano.

14 June, 2012 23:38  
Blogger Reina said...

Thanks for posting Gustavo´s photographs. I´m working on the issue of representation of absence in the art work of many H.I.J.O.S (like myself). (HIJOS in English: Sons and Daughters for Identity and Justice Against Oblivion and Silence). It is the name of the argentinean organization of the children of people who were "disappeared" in Argentina. The organization was founded in 1995 in Córdoba and La Plata. In Argentina, HIJOS in 1995 started to perform "escraches" to raise public awareness about former dictatorship criminals being free on the streets in spite the crimes they have done.

Germano´s work is one of the most interesting of them all, indeed!

19 June, 2012 14:22  
Blogger Jim Johnson said...

Reina, I cannot fathom your loss. But I wish you well with your work and in your life. Jim

19 June, 2012 21:57  

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