30 June 2012

"Socialized Medicine" - American Style

"Modeled after proposals advanced by the Heritage Foundation, the American Enterprise Institute and other conservative research organizations in the 1990s, the main provisions of the president’s health care law were intended to eliminate the most salient problems associated with the current system."
Heritage and AEI being, of course, notoriously right-wing policy joints. Hence the ire of Republicans on this issue persists as a remarkable bit of hypocrisy. You can find the full essay - which also explains why insurance markets are especially problematic - by economist Robert Frank here at The New York Times.

A brief expansion. Here is another key point from the essay:
"It isn’t that people should buy health insurance because it would be good for them. Rather, failure to do so would cause significant harm to others. . . . To claim the right not to buy health insurance is thus to assert a right to impose enormous costs on others."
And, of course, there is no such right - given by God or the Constitution. It exists solely in the fantasies of libertarian ideologues.


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