09 July 2012

Addressing Injustice: Argentina

I do not believe, as Martin Luther King Jr. suggests, that "the arch of the moral universe," by however circuitous a route, "bends toward justice." But events do sometimes work in ways that mitigate gross injustice. So, here and here are reports on an episode that gives one some hope - Jorge Rafael Videla the head of the murderous Argentinian junta (1976-1983), and several of his minions, have been sentenced to prison for some of their most heinous crimes. The sad part is that Videla will not live long enough to serve his entire sentence.

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Blogger Lillie Langtry said...

Videla was already serving a life sentence for other crimes, to be clear. The importance of this verdict is symbolic - that the State acknowledges that there was a systematic plan to sell off the babies of detained prisoners. I agree with you that it's a shame he won't live through the sentence - or, rather, it's a shame he wasn't convicted 25 years ago, then he'd be halfway through already! The photos of the accused waiting to hear the sentences look like someone is holding a meeeting in an old people's home - but the counterpart to that is the photos of the Grandmothers who have spent the past 30 years fighting for justice, and the joy on their faces.

10 July, 2012 09:36  

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