30 July 2012

It is Summer - So August is Visiting

August is visiting - after having basically been abducted by his mom who took him out of the country without telling me and, for a month repeatedly refused to provide the simplest of details regarding their whereabouts, travel schedule, or flight itinerary. She deigned to return him to the states three days after he was scheduled to start his summer here with me in Rochester. And, of course, as if to punctuate the bad acts, on arrival here she refused to turn over his passport so that we might take him to Toronto for a weekend. Some things simply show no signs of changing.

In any case, this past weekend we drove to Massachusetts to see my folks and sister. The sort of behavior I just mentioned means that August rarely gets to see my family. That doesn't seem to deter the boy, however. He positively absorbs the loving. Here he is with my father reading a book on Gnomes. It was a nice hour or so, spent waiting out the deluge that interrupted our summer of drought!

The point? I may well be scarce in these parts for the next month or so.

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