18 July 2012

Milestones - Nelson Mandela

Today is Nelson Mandela's 94th birthday. The BBC report is here. And lest we too readily subscribe to the sanitized view of the man as simply an elder statesman, recall that his raised, clenched fist stands for the long (ongoing) struggle for democracy and self-determination against those who resist such basic political goals.

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Blogger Mikel Itulain said...

It is time to remember too that USA, G. Britaian and Israel supported apartheid.
Accordint to USA, Mandela was a terrorist until 2008, crazy, as it is american policy.

18 July, 2012 12:22  
Blogger Inspiring Quotes said...

Happy birthday Madiba. What an inspiration that at 94 years of age you are still active and using your influence to make the world a better, more peaceful place :)

18 July, 2012 12:40  

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