12 July 2012

Wambach Dust Up

So, I am at the end of my summer teaching gig at the ICPSR Summer Program in Ann Arbor. Final class in the morning, then clean the apartment and head home tomorrow afternoon.

Meanwhile the 'scandal' in Rochester is that local hero soccer player Abby Wambach - the single best athlete, male or female, in any sport, to come out of the region, perhaps the state, in the two decades I've lived there - has posed naked in a series of photos for ESPN. Many folks in the local area seem to be disappointed, outraged, shocked. What, they fret, do these images say to all the little girls who idolize Wambach? They ought to listen to Wambach talk about the decision (which you can do here).

If only more people had as healthy an attitude about their body as Wambach - to say nothing of her talent and hard work! - we'd be a much happier. And if Wambach can provide a role model for all those little girls they might survive their uptight parents and grow up a little more normal.

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