01 July 2012

Weekend Digest ~ Politics & Ideas

There is a sharp exchange here at The Nation on the role of unions and the failure of the Wisconsin recall effort. It starts with divergent assessments by Gordon Lafer and Doug Henwood and includes contributions from Bill Fletcher and Jane McAlevey, Adolph Reed and Mike Elk. My two cents? I tend to side with Lafer and Reed ...

In The New York Times today is this eulogy for "socialism" ... which amounts to celebrating its accomplishments at (to borrow a phrase from Roberto Unger) 'humanizing the inevitable.' Insofar as this accomplishment, in fact, obtains it seems to me quite precarious.

Also at The Times is this warning from Pam Karlan regarding the conservative nature of this week's SCOTUS decision on the Affordable Care Act ( I hate the phrase "Obamacare"); and here at Mother Jones is valuable visual background on the court and its political propensities.

Finally, from Crooked Timber, this long post by Chris Bertram, Corey Robin & Alex Gourevitch on libertarians and their blindness to blatant, widespread coercion across "private" domains, especially the workplace.


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