30 August 2012

Ryan - Lies and Bullshit

I am a bit late with this post. But, since Republicans seem to be ecstatic about Paul Ryan's speech last night, and since the press is largely preoccupied with his 'political' performance in attacking Obama and evoking small-town nostalgia, it seems appropriate to link to this nice column at The Nation. The punchline:
"Ryan had to know he was deceiving the American people when he and the Romney team prepared his speech.

But the “deficit hawk” congressman who voted for two unfunded wars, a budget-busting prescription drug plan that steered billions into the accounts of Big Pharma, and the bank bailout of 2008 made his choice long ago. He’s not going to level with the American people. He’s going to try to make them believe things that are not true."
How bad is it when we rely on Condi Rice* as a benchmark for honesty and straight talk?
* Even The New York Times which was supine in the face of BushCo propaganda wrote in this editorial today: "Ms. Rice is a reminder of the colossal errors and deceptions of the Bush administration. She was a central player in the decision to invade Iraq and the peddling of fantasies about weapons of mass destruction."

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