11 August 2012

Will Paul Ryan Recant (Again)?

Where is it written that Jesus refers to the poor as "parasites"? In all my years at Sacred Heart school I do not remember that ever being among the lessons. The church has at least the good taste to be hypocritical in its commitment to the meek and the poor.

Not so Paul Ryan, allegedly chosen to be the Vice Presidential candidate of the Republican party in large part for his traditional family values and Catholic faith. It turns out that he is an acolyte of the intellectual charlatan Ayn Rand. As is well known, Rand peddled a view called "objectivism," a doctrine of egoism that mostly appeals to post-adolescent American boys. In real life could not herself adhere to the doctrine. And, of course, the heroes of Rand's drivel are wholly warranted, on her account, in treating the poor with disdain. Make no mistake, the only ones who - with a straight face -  categorize Rand as a philosopher are the poor folks who need to shelve her works in big box bookstores.

Well, the conservatives started a drumbeat early on demanding that Obama renounce his pastor - that devilish Rev. Wright. It will be delicious to see if the Democrats make Ryan endure the same sort of show trial tactics. It also should be fun to watch as libertarians scurry about trying to place distance between their allegedly credible intellectual commitments and the nuttiness of Rand and Ryan. They should get a feel for what pragmatists have felt for four years as Obama slandered our good name!

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