27 September 2012


I started keeping this blog seven years ago this week. In that time I've written nearly 3200 posts and had nearly 800,000 visitors. If you read regularly thanks for stopping by. I've made some virtual friends. You know who you are. Thanks. For a number of years writing here quite literally kept me sane if only by diverting my attention from the surrounding mayhem, some of which I created, some of which was visited upon me by others. Over the past six months or so I've thought of closing up shop. But I've not been able to do that. Recently, I decided to stick with it. And so I plan to do so. I hope you'll keep reading.


Blogger joaoh said...

thanks. it's been a pleasure reading you.

28 September, 2012 03:20  
Blogger Stan B. said...

We will- and thank you, Jim!

28 September, 2012 10:34  
Blogger Colin Penter said...

Thanks Jim for all your hard work and thinking. Very pleased to hear you plan to keep blogging.

29 September, 2012 09:48  
Blogger Lillie Langtry said...

Thanks for this great blog!

I can empathise with blogging as a way through difficult times.

30 September, 2012 04:54  

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