11 October 2012

Aleppo in Ruins

Smoke billows over shelled and destroyed buildings in Aleppo, Syria, 
where the Syrian army has brought in reinforcements to try to end the 
rebels' resistance. Photograph © Maysun/EPA/The Guardian.

Aleppo Rooftops. Photograph © Issa Touma.

 The top image appeared at The Guardian this week. It reminded me of the second image, taken by Syrian photographer Issa Touma and the subject of one of the very first posts I made here a half dozen years ago and about whom I posted here last week. As I've said here repeatedly Touma is an interesting fellow who, I hope, stays out of harm's way in the Syrian war. In my early post I pointed to the television dishes spread across the rooftops as so many sources of resistance to the authoritarian regime. The ruins of the city attest to the character of the regime and suggest how violent it has become as the resistance has been mobilized.

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