03 November 2012

Curing Gays of Their Sexual Orientation: A Question

I really don't care how people have sex or how they define their sexuality - or how they alter or redefine it over time. So, if "gay" men want to repent and undergo therapy or whatever, so they can become non-gay, that is fine. People pay all sorts of money to make themselves 'normal' or otherwise in various ways. Not my business. Nor, I think, is it the business of the state (or the church!). But here is a story at The New York Times that made me wonder about how the "problem" is cast. In it, one of the men describes to the reporter why he was going to great lengths to change his sexual orientation and why he objects to the new California law that bans certain sorts of 'therapies' that promise to get the gay out of you. In the reporter's words: "He was tormented as a Christian teenager by his homosexual attractions." Why not say, "He was tormented as a homosexual teenager by his repressive Christian upbringing"?

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