10 November 2012

Jame Balog and the Extreme Ice Survey

There is a new film out called Chasing Ice; it documents the Extreme Ice Survey (EIS) started by photographer James Balog. EIS in a massive project recording the transformations of glaciers. You can find a couple of reports here and here at NPR as well as a brief interview with the filmmaker Jeff Orlowski  here at The New York Times. Balog has installed time lapse cameras to record changes in glaciers across several continents. The cameras record the glaciers every half hour every day during daylight hours. The EIS folks then create videos from the images to reveal the ways the glaciers are changing. Clearly this is a huge technical and logistical  undertaking and a needed advance over the sorts of re-photographic projects I've noted here and here in earlier posts. The EIS is doing pretty remarkable work that, interestingly enough, Balog compares to making portraits.

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