23 November 2012

Politics of Art ~ 'Tastes Great! Less Filling!'

I stumbled across a kerfuffle on contemporary "politics of art" started here at The Brooklyn Rail with a reaction here at Art Fag City. If Marcuse is right and the capitalist system is so extra-super-absorbent (as in adverts for paper towels) that no criticism can get traction, then it surely is off the mark to chastise artists for failing to escape. And unless we want to anchor (as Marcuse did and I do not) the resistant aspects of art in some transcendent feature of aesthetics or the psyche, there really is not much to the initial complaint. At least there is not much constructive to it. The reaction simply complains that the initial criticism neglects to name culprits and points to Occupy as a counter instance. I find that reply too diffuse by a large margin. Is this the state of the art (so to speak) on criticism?

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