11 November 2012

Post-Election Desperation on the Right

This image was made by photographer Scout Tufankjian not this week but in Iowa last summer.* This week, however, it acquired notoriety because the Obama campaign included it in a celebratory - "Four More Years" -  tweet and plastered it across their Face Book page.

Then arrives in the mail our copy of The Economist sporting the same photo. The publication had, I believe, endorsed Obama. So, what is with the outlandish caption? Surely, if the editors had meant try to hug a Republican they'd have said so. So this cannot be taken as friendly, encouraging advice. And the editors surely know - the accompanying editorial suggests as much - that the overwhelming source of animosity and inaction over the past four years has come from far to the right of our centrist chief executive. Then again, the editors decry Obama's record, proclaiming that "his failure to work successfully with the Republicans has been woeful." Their advice? Another helping of the bi-partisanship that found no takers over the past four years. In the end this post-election campaign is a bit of a mystery. Why not send a message to the reactionaries among the Republican party, especially the Congressional contingent? I am not an Obama fan. But he and his party just kicked the snot out of the hapless Republicans. And they did so under far from auspicious economic circumstances. The right - including not just the usual talking heads but the editorial board at The Economist -  seem not to have noticed. I hope the new Obama administration does notice and that they press their political advantage rather than embracing a supine bi-partisanship.
* I found this at Tufakijan's web page: "NOTE:  Scout was not employed by or affiliated with the Obama campaign in any manner, shape, or form.  She was a journalist covering the campaign." It is important to underscore that disclaimer because of the potentially misinterpret-able statement in the report to which I link above. It states "Tufankjian has been a campaign photographer with President Barack Obama’s reelection campaign since the beginning."

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