02 November 2012

UR - SEIU Impasse Update

According to this story in The Campus Times the negotiations between the University of Rochester and a sub-set of its employees represented by SEIU continue to be troubled. I've posted on this here and here before. It is nice to see that a group of students - among them one of my really smart advisees - is supporting the union.

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Blogger J.R. said...

Perhaps the protesting students might enumerate which of the wide array of benefits and services provided them by the university they would be willing to forgo in order to fund the workers' health care.

03 November, 2012 08:29  
Blogger J.R. said...

And for the travails of another group of disadvantaged and exploited workers, see here.

03 November, 2012 14:44  
Blogger Jim Johnson said...

I hope things are well out there in Chicago!

The first thing is that the employees themselves on average make just over the official poverty level for a family of four. And the University is asking them to pay for medical insurance at rates that would drive their annual salary below that level. That makes UR a microcosm of the broader economy. A wealthy institution in an impoverished city has no business acting this way.And it is pretty well established that poverty and inequality have bad political consequences of all sorts.

Second, I actually think the UR mis-allocates funds in all sorts of ways. For starters, how many new Deans, sub-deans, associate and assistant deans and sub-deans have we acquired over the past decade? The size of the administration has ballooned. Lots of money spent there - mostly on tasks of limited value invented by the administrators involved.

04 November, 2012 11:02  
Blogger J.R. said...

I agree with everything you've said here. My point is that perhaps the students might more productively use their time devising these sorts of constructive (and informed) assessments rather than waving banners in front of the library. Demonstrations of support are important, but marching on a suburban college campus as part of a "rally" orchestrated by SA-funded student organizations is pretty costless--and meaningless, too.

04 November, 2012 11:49  
Blogger Jim Johnson said...

I agree. Ella Baker drew a distinction between organizing and mobilizing. The former is more important than the latter. And students are not so great at it.(By the looks of the crowd size here they did not have much success mobilizing wither.) One of the important aspects of organizing is figuring our what to do - what to propose. And frolicking on the quad does little to advance that process.

Say hello to T

04 November, 2012 11:56  

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