01 November 2012

Where Is Jack Welch Now? Congressional Republicans Suppress CRS Report

You may recall that a couple of weeks ago Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric, currently a pompous right-wing wind bag, made headlines by calling into question the October jobs report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Welch implied that the unexpectedly favorable numbers were a political plot in which BLS officials had connived to make the Obama administration look good. Even conservative commentators like David Brooks thought his accusations were ludicrous. Well the question today is this - "where is Jack now?"

The New York Times reports today that Congressional Republicans connived to suppress a report from the Congressional Research Service that deflates the central tenet of their economic views, namely that there is some well-established, robust relationship between tax rates on those at the very top of the income distribution and economic growth.  You can find a copy of the report and some commentary here at The Washington Post.

The Republicans might have avoided stepping in this particular pile of their own bullshit. As Susan pointed out to me and as this cogent analysis of the CRS report and its putative shortcomings at The New Republic points out: "CRS reports are never released to the public anyway." Oooooppps! Now not only are the Republicans wrong about economics, but they are compounding their mistake by censoring the findings. This surely should outrage so hardheaded a businessman as Welch. Right? Don't hold your breath waiting for him to tweet his criticism of the Republicans. It is more likely that he will join the editorial ideologues at Pravda the Wall Street Journal in impugning the author of the report.
P.S.: (2 November 2012) To punctuate this post I add a link to this news report from The New York Times this morning.  The story is about how job growth - as reported by those dastardly partisans at BLS! - has basically stagnated this month. Unemployment is reported up on the Friday before the election. Hey Jack! We'd love to hear from you.

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