29 December 2012

Newtown: What's the Big Deal?

You can find the interactive version of this graphic here at Slate. It represents deaths due to gun violence from the Newtown massacre through 28 December 2012. Note - lots and lots of dead kids since the big massacre. Only they were shot one at a time. Newtown is a heartbreak. So too are all these other dead people.

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Blogger Unknown said...

The shootings in Newtown are tragic. However, people are shot and killed in Rochester weekly and sometimes daily. We should be just as outraged at those deaths as we are about the ones in Newtown.

01 January, 2013 22:52  
Blogger Jim Johnson said...

I agree. Hence the graphic - suggesting that it is not only big massacres that matter, and not just little kids in school that matter, but the people who are gunned down, day in and day out across the country. Thanks for stressing that.

01 January, 2013 23:11  

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