24 January 2013

So Much for the Idea that Obama is a Progressive

In his inaugural address on Monday Obama went all 'progressive' on us, simultaneously generating swoons from liberals and drawing the ire of Republicans and their media mouthpieces. There are at least two important items to note before being swept away with either great enthusiasm or reactionary revulsion.

First, as James Thindwa notes here at In These Times: "During his re-election campaign, and in his personal reflections about the election, President Obama went to great lengths to avoid publicly acknowledging the valiant and very consequential contributions of organized labor to his re-election." This sets the stage for the perennial post-election move by Democrats - dump organized labor after they help get you elected.

 Second, on Thursday Obama nominated the fox (Mary Jo White) to guard the chicken coop (financial sector).  (He is proposing her to head the SEC.)  My friend, the estimable Lester Spence, brought to my attention this piece on the matter from Salon. The relevant line from the author (David Sirota): "So I fired up Google this morning and sure enough, I discovered why my superficially good feeling was quickly turning into a deeply ominous nausea."

Unions tossed (once again) under the bus, Wall Street keeps getting a pass. So much for the new progressive' Presidency. So much for the ability of the red-state crowd to gauge political reality. Maybe Obama really is the most centrist President in recent memory!

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