29 January 2013

Wind Turbines, Birdies and Cute Kitties

I am a pretty big proponent of wind energy. It is not a flawless technology. But it beats approaches that rely on extractive industries and/or generate massive problems with toxic waste (that would include nuclear as well as coal and oil). And it is windy here along the lake in Western NY. That said, wind turbines are not healthy for birds. However, that holds too for lots of other things - including your cell phone and, especially, your Aunt Tillie's cat. Report's here and here at Mother Jones.



Blogger Unknown said...

That's hilarious, well not for birds. I knew cats were killers, but I didnt think they were genocidal. Maybe that's why they made such great anthropomorphized Nazis in Maus.

30 January, 2013 20:21  

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