04 February 2013

Political Science in the News: Brooklyn College and the BDS Fracas (2)

The controversy surrounding Brooklyn College and its Political Science Department - more precisely about the fact that the latter has agreed to sponsor a student initiated panel discussion about the movement to Boycott Israel over its policies toward Palestinians - has grown more heated and more visible since I posted on it here several days ago. A group of NYC politicos have now threatened the funding of the College and of CUNY more broadly. This prompted this column by Glenn Greenwald at The Guardian (which includes links to relevant documents). In the meantime, The New York Times is reporting that the College President Karen Gould is resisting the threats and criticisms in stalwart fashion. And the editors of The Times now have come out in support of Gould in this comment that is disparaging of the critics and forthright about the need for serious discussions of Israeli policies.

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