23 February 2013

Ivan Martin Jirous ~ leben/werke/zeit

Keeping this blog has had regular unexpected pleasures. I have met (usually no more than virtually) many kind and generous people from all over the world. I also have had numerous 'professional' opportunities as a result of things I've written here. (I use scare quotes because many of my academic colleagues - here in Rochester and elsewhere - look askance at such endeavors.)

A while ago I received an email out of the blue (that is how these things happen) from Barbara Zeidler at the Institut für Kulturresistente Güter (Institute for Culture-Resistant Goods) in Vienna. Barbara explained that she and her colleagues were compiling a book about the recently deceased Ivan "Magor" Jirous and that, in the course of her web explorations, she'd come across this post - "The Lesson of Ivan Jirous" - I had written shortly after the man had died in the fall of 2011. She wondered whether they might include a translation of my very brief comments in the book. And so she has.* I am grateful and honored to be included.

The book release event took place this past week. It is likely you missed it. Likewise, it is unlikely you'll stumble across this book at your local Barnes & Noble. But, if you don't know much about Jirous it is worth your time to find out. He is a wonderful example of how what appear to be irredeemably offbeat, inconsequential lives can have immense influence.
* Barbara Zeidler und Abbé Libansky, eds. 2013. Ivan Martin Jirous ~ leben/werk/zeit. Braumüller GmbH.

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