27 February 2013

Rosa Parks

There were, according to the news reports, warm feelings all around at the unveiling of a memorial statue for Rosa Parks at the U.S. Capitol.  My sense is that - as is so often the case -  the politicos and journalists all are honoring a sanitized version of whomever they are anointing as hero. In this case, it is important to recall something of the actual Rosa Parks and the radical politics she espoused over many, many years.

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Blogger Beth E. said...

Rachel Maddow actually made an excellent point, about how weird it was to have them unveiling the Parks statue at the Capitol, while in virtually the same moment, Scalia was holding forth in the Supreme Court that the Voting Rights Act was a 'racial entitlement'....and she wondered how it is that nobody's head actually exploded. One wonders....

01 March, 2013 07:46  
Blogger Jim Johnson said...

Many of the relevant heads are empty, so the risk is low I suppose.

01 March, 2013 09:25  

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