03 February 2013

The Truly Incompetent

This morning in my dual role as chef and waitstaff, I was shuttling pancakes from our kitchen upstairs to the TV room where Susan was watching George Stephanopolis and his band of talking heads. This is our Sunday morning routine. Today George's crew included a journalist, a couple of politicians, and commentators Paul Krugman and Carly Fiorina. The latter occupied the chair George reserves for dim, under performing conservative woman; other occupants have been Liz Cheney (good at benefiting from nepotism), Mary Matalin (good at being a party hack), and Ann Coulter (good at? . . . writing a vacuous screed of the month). All are professional talking heads. Fiorina is too and she is as good an exemplar as any.

My question: How does anything Carly Fiorina has ever done  qualify her to speak credibly about anything having to do with politics or  economics? Let's see. She ran Hewlett-Packard into the ditch. She moved on to advise the losing McCain campaign, becoming in the process a promoter of the self-promoting Sarah Palin. She then ran for Senate in California, losing by double digits. This, politely, is a record of abject failure. Yet there's Carly, holding forth on This Week as though anyone should care what she has to say.

I'm confident that I could go out to the TOPS in Hamlin and get similar and less ill- informed views from my neighbors. Network TV is pathetic in  affording a forum to the truly incompetent. You might think Krugman is an  ideologue - you'd be wrong. Regardless, at least he is accomplished in his chosen field of endeavor.  Carly Fiorina?

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