27 March 2013

LEGO's Gender Issues

Today August and I drive down from the bay area to LA where we'll collect Susan. Tomorrow we head down to San Diego for a trip to LEGO Land. Like most such joints, this one is a massive marketing scheme. But August loves LEGO. And it is better than many of the other things he might be (or become) obsessed with, right? In any case, the company lately has aimed to expand marketing to girls with the requisite pink and purple blocks and figures. But while that is hardly the only way to recruit girls, it sure is the most gendered way. And LEGO knows better.

This advert from the 1980s has popped up on my FB news feed lately.* And among the things it suggests is that not only girls, but boys like my own, would benefit immeasurably from a less blue and pink color scheme. August is 7, attends a hippy public charter school (his mom's unilateral decision) and, when I ask him, cannot name a single girl in his class. That is not all due to LEGO, of course, but they are part of the larger problem. How did LEGO get from the latter advert to the pink/purple assault at the top of the post?
* Note that even this sweet, talented girl wears purple sneakers.

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