07 March 2013

The Banality of Technocratic Thinking

So, yesterday Rand Paul (R - Tenn) was nearly put up for canonization for having the temerity to confront the Obama administration on the potential use of drone attacks on US citizens on US soil. Paul's theatrics placed him in the limelight and rightly called the administration to account. Here are a couple of mostly unheralded performances that also deserve high praise. In each clip Elizabeth Warren (D - Mass) is questioning panels of "regulators" called to give testimony before the Senate Banking Committee. The first is from February 14th, the second is from today. In each instance her interlocutors find it extremely difficult - nearly impossible, in fact - to grasp the force of her questions. But note, that is not because she is inarticulate or unclear.The operative word is obtuse.

Look here for some indication of what rides on Warren's lines of questioning. And visit our friends at Occupy the SEC here for documentation of their efforts to address the issues.

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Blogger jannx said...

you're too kind by half. There's no doubt in my mind that the people that Warren poses questions to are fully conversant with business, economics, management and finance. They are captains of industry and they are 'refusniks'.

They will not answer because they know the answers will be damning. So they circumlocate, revise and answer totally different questions than those asked by Warren.

They'd be failed for their answers in a high school test. Obtuse to you, "finesse" to me. Maybe we're both talking the same coin just two different sides?

31 March, 2013 15:54  

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