08 April 2013

Landsburg Apology

Over the past week or so, UofR (once again) has been in the press due to the moronic behavior of Steve Landsburg. I noted the fracas here. This morning the University noted that Landsburg has issued an apology.

"I am both sad and sorry that my recent blog post has distressed so many people so deeply, both on campus and off. I am particularly sad because many readers got the impression that I was endorsing rape, while my intent was to say exactly the opposite—namely that the horror of rape is so great that we should rethink accepted principles of policy analysis that might sometimes minimize that horror. This is not the place to rehash those issues, but interested readers might want to look at the follow-up post where I tried to say things more clearly. I very much wish I'd said them more clearly in the first place, and I do very much regret having caused any unnecessary offense."
Here is the report in the local paper.

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Blogger James Dunne said...

How kind of him to apologize for all of those people who misunderstood him.

Instead of hurting his employment status, periodically saying asinine things is probably the best thing Professor Landsberg could do for his job security. To part ways with him now, the university would be "suppressing conservative thought and honest dialogue" or some such, rather than simply letting go a non-distinguished pusher of pop-economics.

09 April, 2013 09:34  

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