04 April 2013

"Muslimah Pride Day" vs. "Topless Jihad"

I have on several occasions posted about FEMEN, a group of young feminists whose protests against sex trafficking and human rights violations are in many ways admirable. Well, al Jezeera has run this report on an initiative "Muslimah Pride Day" organized in response to FEMEN's "Topless Jihad Day." The disagreement here raises all sorts of important issues. There is much hyperbole (as is evident in the comment thread on the al Jazeera story) getting in the way. And I am not especially well situated to  comment at the moment. But it surely is important to note the debate.
Update: And here at The New York Times is a report on the dire circumstances that Amina, the Tunisian Femen activist finds herself in. 

Update 2 (9 April): A reply to critics by Femen's Inna Shevchenko - here.

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