06 May 2013

Uses of Image Technology

Consider this example of an interesting and admirable use of a hardly unambiguously attractive technology. This campaign against child abuse by the ANAR Foundation is useful (but not flawless). But can you imagine all sorts of less well-meaning outfits who'd like to surreptitiously communicate with kids?



Blogger Nat said...

I don't see this as presenting any problems that aren't already inherent to advertising. It's not like no adult will ever see the message - all it takes is someone bending down to tie their shoe, or a kid mentioning it to their parent. So I don't think that, say, Marlboro could put up a "secret message" advertising their new blue raspberry flavored cigarettes without getting the sort of blowback that they would get by broadcasting the same message more conventionally. Is there some potential nefarious use that I'm not thinking of?

06 May, 2013 19:33  
Blogger Jim Johnson said...

How many times a day do you tie your shoes? Do you think kids tell their parents everything? Just wondering.

07 May, 2013 21:21  
Blogger Fotograf said...

Excellent post!! Love it


17 May, 2013 16:16  

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