14 July 2013

Disingenous Defined

There is much to admire about Melissa Harris-Perry. She is bright and articulate. But she is also more or less wholly blind to the shortcomings - systematic though they are - of the Obama administration. And she evinces a seemingly willful naivete about actual politics that is pretty astonishing. All this is in full display here in her hectoring missive to Edward Snowden. Does she not understand the Obama administration's apparently irresistible urge to persecute (not prosecute) anyone who reveals the duplicity and depravity of their policies? I recommend a dose of reality, which you can find here in Daniel Ellsberg's WaPo essay last weekend.

Simply put, Harris-Perry is blaming the messenger here. She needs to focus on the problem, which involves training her smarts and insight on the bad behavior of the Obama administration. No one, especially Edward Snowden, is preventing her from doing that.
Update (later that same day): Of course, if Harris-Perry doesn't like Ellsberg's assessment of Snowden's plight, she might consider this from Amnesty International.

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