27 July 2013

The Jersey Shore - Who Cares?

 In the mid 1970s I graduated from high school in the northern reaches of Appalachia (the Berkshires of Massachusetts). I enrolled at a little liberal arts college (Hobart) in western NY. This was my first prolonged exposure to kids from New Jersey. It was quite an experience. Then and now I never got the attraction of the state or the character of its denizens at all.  Bruce Springsteen played at the college at least twice while I was there and - despite the hyperbole of my classmates - I was unimpressed. And all the chatter about the 'shore' left me completely vacant. While my estimation of Springsteen has changed considerably, my assessment of the shore remains the same. If anything the reality TV portrayal seems too kind. This series of photographs by Joe Maloney simply reinforces my aversion.

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