14 July 2013

The Martin Verdict

Two items on the Martin verdict. I call it the Martin verdict because, although he pulled the trigger,  George Zimmerman was never really on trial. Trayvon Martin, even though he is the one who ended up dead, was.  And the legal system announced last night that his life was expendable. The first item is a link to this column by Gary Younge at The Guardian. I agree with virtually every syllable. The second is a message from the inestimable Ella Baker:

This popped up on my news feed. It rightly underscores the political situation - the same today as it ever was.

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Blogger Stan B. said...

No way that a top rate law team would have walked away from that trial without a conviction- at least, not without exposing the local justice system to be the complete sham that it is. Particularly with Marissa Alexander still in prison, and state prosecutor Angela Corey (with a long record of vigorously prosecuting juveniles of color), who is currently seeking to prosecute a twelve year old as an adult...

15 July, 2013 16:34  
Blogger Stan B. said...

Correction- Corey had sought to convict him as an adult.

However, Marissa Alexander still remains in jail for harming no one while defending herself.

15 July, 2013 20:13  

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