18 August 2013


I've come across several interesting items sitting here this evening trying to recuperate from a visit to may parents this weekend. Susan and I took August to see my folks. Given the continuous misbehavior of his mom, who refuses to comply with visitation, August rarely gets that chance. And so, he acted weirdly much of the time even though my mother was bending over backwards to try to accommodate him. In any case, the weekend was mostly uneventful.

And here is what I found when I got home.
Dani Rodrik has an OpEd here in his regular series at Project Syndicate on the tensions between Islamists and democracy.

Roberto Mangabeira Unger has a multi-part podcast here charting the Path Forward for Progressives.

The Institute for New Economic Thinking is offering this free on-line course on the Economics of Money and Banking - taught be Perry Mehrling.
And the Art Gallery of Ontario (Toronto) has an exhibition of Ai Weiwei that I want to get up to see. 

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