09 August 2013

Knucklehead + Handgun = A Good Reason for Complete Strangers to Exercise Their God Given Right to Free Speech

Yet another knucklehead exercising his god given right to be one. I have written about guns and handguns and the death and destruction that trail more or less invariably in their wake repeatedly. If you want to hunt, fine. Go kill something (if you think you are able), then lock the gun up in the closet or someplace safe. If you want to collect something metallic and shiny, try coins; they are much less dangerous to you and your kids. If you want a cup of coffee leave the accessory to your manhood at home. Bring along your fancy Weber instead - just as useful for signalling true masculinity! All you are doing by pulling stunts like Matt Bottali (the aforementioned knucklehead) is demonstrating that you don't have anything like sufficient good judgment to be considered a responsible gun owner.

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